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Bird Feeding: Nature’s Cure for the Dreary Days of Winter

After such a long and arduous summer, most folks welcome winter’s chill. Unfortunately, with the cold come shorter days and longer, darker nights, triggering what is commonly known as “seasonal depression” in many people. If someone just can’t let summer go, they need only remember that winter, at least in the South, is for the birds. Song birds … [Read more...]

Winter Gardening: The Do’s & Don’ts & the Bright Results

As the temperatures drop and leaves begin to fall, the frosty joys of the season require a whole new set of gardening skills. Any of your container plants still outside after summer’s end will need to be moved inside before nighttime temperatures begin consistently dipping below 45 degrees if they are to survive. First move your plants into a … [Read more...]

Winterizing Your Pool: Doing It Right So You Don’t Pay The Price

Winterizing a pool is an important step to ensuring your investment & its equipment stay in great shape in the off season. Having problems in the cold months can cause big issues when it’s time to get ready for swimming. If you are a first time pool owner, if this is your first time to close in the off-season or if you’ve had issues with … [Read more...]